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We increased their website users by around 150%

IIncrease in YoY Conversions
0 %
Increase in YoY New Users
0 %
Decrease in Cost/Conversion
0 %




  1. Expand reach and raise awareness of Kognito’s role-play simulations among the target audience.
  2. Drive qualified user acquisition by attracting individuals interested in fostering mental health conversations in educational settings.
  3. Optimize campaign performance through data-driven insights and continuous refinement to maximize impact and return on ad spend.


1: Outdated Website:

Poor website design and navigation led to a low conversion rate.

2: Inefficient Agent Workflow:

Inconsistent social media engagement, limiting their authority in finance, tech, sales, HR, and legal recruitment.

3: Limited Online Visibility:

Irregular content posting schedule, causing missed opportunities during key recruitment cycles.

4: Lack of Data Insights

Suboptimal ROAS in media buying, affecting the efficiency of their advertising budget.




Increase in Website Traffic
0 %
Increase in New Agent Sign-Ups:
0 %
Increase in YoY Conversion Rate
0 %

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